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Estate Sale in Ovid, MI


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Living Estate Sale of Gordon Lydeksen

By Treasures Estate Sales


Thurs. June 22nd 9am-6pm, Fri. June 23rd 9am-6pm & Sat. June 24th 9am -3pm

Cash & checks with proper identification accepted. All sales final. All sales are sold as is. No delivery available. Please be prepared to load your items at point of purchase.

Rail Road Memorabilia: Must be seen to appreciate: Over 5000 photos of Ann Arbor-Pere Marquette – Grand Trunk Western – Great Northern – Mid Mi Railway – Southeastern –Kalamazoo & South Haven – Port Huron & Detroit RR – Muskegon RR – Detroit & Mackinac RY,  Great Lakes Live Steamers, train Engines and photos from turn of the century till now, Photos of train wrecks, engine repair, roundhouses, track building, bridge building and much more. Photos of Train depots from all over Michigan,  photos of passengers & train employees, Time is frozen in the old photos of the story of the Rail Road in Michigan……

Film Processing Equipment:  Kalt  made in USA w/ Bush 4×5 model D Camera,” Magnetic” copy- board & Photo easel, OTT-Life 3x magnifier, Saunders Rotatrim  Masterant II, StarD mini pro D-29 Tripod, Quick – Set Hi Boy tripod, Film -0- sound Bell & Howell 16mm projector,(12) 4×5 Visco cut film holder visco projector, (2) Brumberger reel storage (metal box), Glassine envelopes, Weston Master IV universal exposure meter model 745, Bogen  Doctor Optic Metzler visulett lope,  Kodak Carousel 800 projector, (3) Kodak Carousel Trans view 80 slide tray, AKAI 77 4 track stereo tape deca reel to reel, GBC Binding System Image-maker 1000, Canon PC 720 copier, Kalart Synchronized range finder speed graphic, Gralab dark room timer, Fellowes Pulsar 300. Unicolor precision timer, Magnalight enlarger, Omega Type DII, The Encyclopedia of Photography (10 books), Rota trim master cut II,  Rail power 1300 Model train, MRC Tech II Model Train Control, Budweiser Coach Car (Holiday Express Series), Budweiser Train  & Car  Bradford Exchange, Budweiser Cargo Car (Holiday Express Series), Budweiser Cargo Christmas Tree Flatbed (Holiday Express Series), GT wide Vision Caboose, Sothern Pacific Lines Caboose, Grand Trunk Western Passenger Car, and much more….

Car Collection, 1947 Maroon Buick Road Master Limit 416, 1940 Oldsmobile 88 station wagon, Limited edition 1948 Ford Sportsman, 1948 Chrysler Town & Country, 1941 Chevrolet Special deluxe station wagon, 1953 Buick Estate wagon, 1949 tan Mercury station wagon, 1949 Black Olds station wagon, 1941 Brown Chevy station wagon, 1931 Ford Roadster, 1958 Blue Split top, 1931 Tan Ford station wagon and more….

Camera Equipment: Minolta Hi-Matic F Rokkor 1:27 f=38mm w/case, Kodak Retina III – Synchro Compur, Polaroid Lane camera, Bell & Howell Camera -70-Modle Motion Picture Camera, Cine-Kodak Telephoto /f 4.5  152mm, Anastigmat F-3.5  50mm, Tamron Adaptall 2 for Nikon, Polaroid  Spectra AF, Sony Varo- Tessar 1,8/1,9-76, Carl Zeiss HDP 2000x Digital Zoom, Optical Zoom 40x, Handycam Digital Video /camera /recorder, USE Vivitar SB-4 Power Supply only Photoflash Equipment, Minolta x-7000 MPS Hoya 49mm Japan Skylight B, Coastar Automatic 1:3.9 F=80-205mm, Auto 28mm MARCRO cct 1:28, Graflex Kalart Synchronized Range finder, Nikkor – 11 Auto 1:2 F=5mm Kogaku  Japan, Retina-Longar-Xenon c-f:4/8mm Schneider-Kreuzach, Kodak Retina 35-80 Optica; Finder,  Sony Handycam DCR-SR42, Polaroid Land Camera Model 95, Nippon Kogaku Mikkor-H lens, Tiffen 52mm FL-D Lens filter, Minolta Elecroflash -20, Chrome A-(85A) Lense, Kodak Pxt 4147 film, Minolta X-700 MPS camera, ilFord Ortho Plus film, ilford FP4 Plus 125 film, ilford   Delta 100 Professional film, Kodak Panalure II RC film, Kodak Pro Duplicating B&W, Kodak Motion Picture film 5302, Kodak Polycontrast III  RC /Film Paper , Kodak Polycontrast II Filter Set, Radiant Projector Screen, Quick-Set Hi-Boy Tripod, Norwood Flashrite Exposure Meter, Weston Model 735 Univ Exposure meter, and much more……


Garage Items: John Deer Tractor L 118 22HP, Wheel barrow, Lawn Sweeper pull behind tractor, Gas cans, Wood working clamps, Lawn spray back pack type Field King, Yard Master snow blower 8HP, Painting tools, Lawn art figurines, Sm tool boxes, Sm Outdoor grill, Large cabinets, Sm animal traps, Mole traps, Cooler, Logging Nails numbered, Rubbermaid trailer lawn type, Logging saw,   Sm Craftsman compressor, Old Zenith Trans-ocean, Auto Cable orgin Hoist Elect. Dog Cage, Fruit crates, Hand tools, Wood working bench, Lawn chairs, Garden tools, Folding wooden ladders, Cement tools, Lawn tables, handmade saw horses, Kerosene blowtorch, Am Lawn gazebo, Paint spray gun, Children’s outdoor toys and more….

Furniture: Sofa, Recliner, Wooden padded chair, covered rocker, Oak Claw foot round dining table w/4 chairs, China Cabinet, Wooden Shelf display cupboards, floor lamps, table lamps, side tables, lamp tables, 2 single beds, dressers, bookshelves, chairs, office furniture, file cabinets, shoemakers stand, Electric Keyboard, Singer Sewing Machine, and more……

House Hold:  Kitchen Utensils, Dishware, Pots & Pans, Military footlockers & trunks, Milk Bottles & Pop Bottles, Glassware & Figurines, Glass top coffee table, Mirrors, Pictures Bells, Chiming wall clock,, Keurig Coffee makers, Black & Decker Convection oven, Sears Adjustable Ice Crusher, Kenmore Microwave, Moist-Air humidifier, Oscillating fans,  Pyrex, Corning ware, Tupperware, Presto popcorn popper, Hamilton beach, hand mixer, Sunbeam Seam iron, Bavarian fruit china ware, Milk Glass, bake ware, Heavy Card board barrows,  Metal shelving, baskets, Camping cast iron cooking pot, Items for handicapped Walkers, Portable toilet ect,   beautiful collectible Christmas ornaments, $12.00 Nixon dollar bill and more….

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The Living Estate Sale of Gordon Lydeksen (in Ovid)

will have a PRESALE

Call: (989) 743-3870

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